Nederlandse Vereniging van Verftechnici (NVVT)

Loire 105
2491 AK Den Haag, The Netherlands
President: Andre van Linden 


The NVVT (Dutch Society of Paint Technicians) is one of the ‘founding fathers’ of FATIPEC. It is an active organization of about 175 members originating from more than 100 different paint- and ink producers, raw material suppliers, institutes and universities. The goals of the NVVT are the exchange and improvement of (scientific) knowledge with respect to all kind of topics related to paint and paint technology as well as the promotion and stimulation of contacts between the members.

To this purpose the NVVT:

Organizes symposia focused on specific paint related topics and technologies about 4 times a year. In general these symposia are half day events and are attended by 50–100 participants.
Organizes a symposium (a one day event) together with the Belgian sister organization ATIPIC
Organizes company visits
Is actively involved in FATIPEC: the NVVT stimulates and coordinates the contributions from The Netherlands. The NVVT has organized the FATIPEC Congresses in 1953 (Noordwijk), 1966 (Scheveningen), 1980 and 1992 (Amsterdam) and ETCC2018 (Amsterdam).