Schweizerische Vereinigung der Lack - und Farben-Chemiker (SVLFC)

Oberdorfstrasse 38
CH-5708 Birrwil
President: Marek Elsner

Purpose of the Suiss Paint and Varnish Chemists’ Association founded in 1948 is scientifically and actively to promote the Swiss paint and varnish industry.

This is to be achieved by:

Interchanging ideas and views of progress made in the field of science and technology.
Actively supporting scientific progress in the paint and varnish industry by jointly undertaking the solution of problems of common interest. 
Promoting friendly relations with similar organisations in other countries.
The association numbered 305 members, i.e. 6 honorary members, 246 active members, 48 sponsoring members and 5 corresponding members. In its review of the years 1996-1997, the association was once more able to report on a wide program having been covered, 7 plenary working sessions were held. Technological and scientific lectures were presented on subjects concerning raw materials and paints, and a number of seminars were held dealing with process technology and protection of environment.

The Swiss association has decided to adopt the technical journal FARBE & LACK as its official organ as from January 1974.