Stowarzyszenie Inzynierow i Technikow Przemyslu Chemicznego
Polish Association of Chemical Engineers
Member of FATIPEC

Headquarters :
ul. Czackiego 3/5
00-43 Warsaw, Poland


Tel: +48 22 826 78 96
tel/fax : +48 22 827 02 64

President: Jerzy Klimaczak
Vice-presidents: Anna Czumak-Bieniecka, Józef Kozieł, Adam Tarniowy, Jerzy Marcinko, Zbigniew Wzorek
Tresurer: Marcin Potempa
General Secretary: Stanisław Oczkowicz

SITPChem - The Surface Coatings Division

ul. Chemikow 16
43-400 Cieszyn, Poland
Tel.: +48 6011553001
+48 33 517333

President: Jozef Koziel
Vice-presidents: Kazimiera Tyczkowska, Jacek Nagorniewicz

Chemistry is a fascinating science and the chemical industry may be the source of exquisite business successes and the civilization development. The mission of the Association assumes propagating and disseminating the engineering insight and the economic patriotism, including attention to the common interests of engineers and technicians of the chemical industry. SITPChem was founded in 1925 in Warsaw. It is a member of Polish Main Technical Organization NOT, cooperates closely with the Polish Chemical Society -PTChem as well as with international federations of scientific and technical associations. Its organization structure is based on 22 branches covering the territory of Poland. The head office of SITPChem is located in Warsaw.
The Association is governed by the Management Board (22 members).
Number of individual members– 2 890 (including 2700 engineers)

Main areas of activity:

1. Organization of national and international scientific conferences with program dedicated to:

Chemistry, science and technology
Restructuring of chemical industry, strategy and challenges
ntegration of the chemical industry and science within the European Community
European legislation, harmonization with Polish acts
Environmental and ecological aspects of chemistry
Education, requirements from the chemical industry
Detailed topics dedicated to industrial sectors: refineries and their products, chemical processes, basic chemical products; organic and inorganic, as raw materials for various processes, chemical engineering, corrosion protection, and others.
2. The activities supporting economic development and entrepreneurship in the field of chemistry.

3. Supporting professional activation of SITPChem members.

4. Book publications, 20 volumes documenting the history (until 2010) of the chemical industry and chemical sciences in Poland.

5. Specialized training, courses and exams.

6. Assigning titles of Professionals and Experts.

7. Scientific cooperation with international organizations: FATIPEC, EFCE (European Federation of Chemical Engineering), DECHEMA.

8. Supporting the development of education in secondary schools and universities. Running the "Słoneczna Chemia" program and issuing the magazine "ChemikLight" to support education of the young.

9. Representing, supporting and protecting the interests of the SITPChem members.

10. Cooperation with the government, ministries, scientific committees, universities and chemical institutes, Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry.

11. Integration of SITPChem members, organization of cultural activities, social life and self-help.

12. Recognition for members, awarding of prizes, medals.

Scientific Journals

SITPChem Association issues the following scientific & technical journals:

1. CHEMIK (Chemist) – on monthly basis, dedicated to whole aspects of chemical production and science

2. PRZEMYSL CHEMICZNY (Chemical Industry) on monthly basis, dedicated to industrial processes, new products, production, organization and environmental topics,

3. OCHRONA PRZED KOROZJA (Corrosion Protection) - on monthly basis, dedicated to all technical and scientific issues concerning corrosion and new technique for its reduction,

4. FARBY i LAKIERY (Paints and Varnishes) – on bi-monthly basis, dedicated to wide range of progress in coatings and resins; new developments, process, application, equipment, raw materials and new products offered worldwide.

Committees and Sections of SITPChem

The following Committees and Sections of the chemical association are active in Poland:

Engineering and Equipment Construction SITPChem Section
The Surface Coatings Division (SCD) of SITPChem
Biotechnology Section of SITPChem
Chemical Legislation Committee of SITPChem
Corrosion Protection SITPChem Section
Polish Colouring Committee
Environment Protection SITPChem Section
Chemistry and agriculture SITPChem Section,
Coal Chemistry SITPChem Section,
History of Polish Chemistry SITPChem Committe and the others.

The Surface Coatings Division of SITPChem (SCD)
The Surface Coatings Division of SITPChem represents expertise in all areas of coatings science, technology, production processes, research & development, testing, equipment and raw materials, dedicated for all areas of coatings activities.
The SCD organizes conferences and seminars in the field of coatings activity, training courses and other forms of scientific and technical activities concerning progress in the advanced coating technology, environment protection, raw materials and equipment.

More information:

SITPChem is also a member of FATIPEC
Federation of Associations of Technicians for Industry of Paints in European Countries