Magdalena Maczyńska

Assistant to FATIPEC Board

Magdalena Maczyńska is the Assistant to FATIPEC Board.
She graduated from the University of Silesia, The Institute of English Cultures and Literatures in June 2009 and has been working for FATIPEC since April 2011.
Her main tasks are to support the works of the Board and the Executive Committee and help streamlining the process of communication between member associations, as well as the CSI.

Main activities are:

Preparation of the Board and Executive Committee meetings and teleconferences,
Correspondence with the Board Members and associations regarding pending activities,
Colleting the Board members’ votes in the online or e-mail voting and preparing reports,
Collecting materials and preparation of Fatipec Coatings News for publication,
Distribution of documents related to FATIPEC official bodies meetings and pending issues, programs and agendas of various meetings,
Contacts with technical magazines,
Preparation of questionnaires and analyses of opinions of the Board Members or associations related to defined problems,
Maintaining the FATIPEC website, preparation of texts, pictures, news, updating information to be published,
Collecting materials for the website from the FATIPEC bodies and member associations,
Maintaining archives of documents in electronic and paper versions,
Support in preparation of congresses and other organised events,
Supporting the President, the General Secretary and the Treasurer in their activities.
Preparation of ETCC executive body meetings, related correspondence and archives,
Contacts with periodicals regarding publications of FATIPEC texts, publicity, advertisements and promotions,
Monitoring the Internet for related information,
Preparation of information for the Board and maintaining archives concerning CSI activity,
Supporting secretariat in Paris,
Preparing other documents on request of the President and  the General Secretary.