Greek Chemists Association (G.C.A.) Division: Paints, Varnishes, Inks

27 Kaningos Str.
GR - 10682 Athens, Greece
Phone: +302103821524 & +302103832151
Fax : +302103833597

President: Dimitris Kokkonis

Secretary: Socratis P. Rokotas

The Division Paints - Varnishes - Inks of the Association of Greek Chemists was founded in 1979. Today the Division (section) counts roughly 100 active members.
Members of the Division are chemists and chemical engineers working in the industry of Paints, Varnishes and Inks, but also in universities in related subjects.
The Division Paints - Varnishes - Inks of the Association of Greek Chemists has organized from 1987 up to this year 11 Conferences entitled "Research and Technology of Paints and Varnishes in Greece" or as they are known with the simpler title "Conferences of Paints". These Conferences were all very successful, with valued Scientists from Greece and other countries speaking about very interesting topics. The speakers emanated from Industries and Universities all over the world. The proceedings of each Conference are published in books distributed in all attending, during registration. Copies of the proceedings of the Conferences are available at the secretariat of the Association of Greek Chemists but also at the board of the Section.
Apart from the Conferences, the Division Paints - Varnishes - Inks organizes each month a speech on various subjects about paints etc., addressed mainly to the new colleagues, but also to older. These speeches take place in the afternoon in the conference-room of the Association of Greek Chemists. The speeches are open and any colleague and friend interested in the subject is welcome.
The majority of the speeches up to the year 2000 are published in a volume entitled "Speeches about Paints", published in June 2001 by the Section. Also this book is available at the secretariat of Association of Greek Chemists and at the board of the section.
In 2007 our section published the first book in Greek language "Chemistry of Paints" written by Dr. S. Kambanis. Our 11th Conference on Paints will be held in October 2011.

The list below gives the names of the Division's Presidents:

J. Voutsinas 1979-1991
C. Apostolakis 1991-2007
J. Voutsinas 2007-