Fachgruppe “Lackchemie” in der Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh)

GDCh Lackchemie
Varrentrappstr. 42
6044 Frankfurt am Main - Deutschland
President: Dr. Stefan Kirsch


The professionals group “Lackchemie – coatings chemistry”, a section of “Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh)”, has at present 430 registered members.
The division of coatings chemistry is one of approximately 30 divisions of GDCh. Founded in 1947, the professionals group is focused on coatings, coatings raw materials, and the relevant procduction processes and technoligies.

The division’s tasks are:

- To actively support science and research in the field of coatings and pigments as well as their respective raw materials, products and technologies. This support should help to maintain the global competitiveness of the members.
- To improve the knowledge of chemists and technicians in the industry of coatings and pigments by the yearly organized coatings congress, dealing with actual and important topics of the industry, and by regional meetings e.g. in Leverkusen and in Stuttgart on selected topics as well as by coorganizing the European congress of FATIPEC.
- To cooperate with other associations, especially with the “Verband der Ingenieure des Lack- und Farbenfaches e.V. (VILF)”, the division “Macromolecular Chemistry” of GCDh and FATIPEC.
- To provide expertise in technical and political questions of the European legislation.

Organs of the division:

-  The members assembly, meeting once a year
-  The board, consisting of three persons including the president
-  The working group, consisting of approximately 15 members, representing different branches
-  The group for conference organisation


The Board is composed of a chairman and two Vice-Presidents, elected by secret vote for a three-year period.
The working group consists, besides of all Board members, of delegates appointed by the Board, and conversant in the different fields the Association is concerned with.
The group has to advise the Board on all professional matters relating to the Association’s activity. It also helps organising the working sessions specifically intended for the Association’s members.
The list below gives the names of the Association’s Presidents:
1. Dr. E. A. Becker 1947–1952
2. Dr. J. D. von Mikusch-Buchberg 1953–1954
3. Dr. A. Greth 1955–1957
4. Dr. W. Garmsen 1958–1959
5. Dr. J. D. von Mikusch-Buchberg 1960–1962
6. Dr. K. Culemeyer 1962–1966
7. Dr. W. Geilenkirchen 1967–1968
8. Dr. H. Rechmann 1969–1974
9. Dr. W. Geilenkirchen 1975–1977
10. Dr. H. Lehmann 1978–1983
11. Dr. H. Ferch 1984–1986
12. Prof. Dr. L. Dulog 1987–1992
13. Dr. Küchenmeister 1993–1995
14. Dr. D. Saatweber 1996–1999
15. Prof.Dr. Hans-Juergen Adler 2000–2005
16. Prof. Dr. Thomas Brock 2006-2011
17. Dr. Michael Hilt MBA 2012-2017
18. Dr. Stefan Kirsch 2018-2023
The publishing organ of the association is the journal FARBE UND LACK, Vincentz-Verlag, Hannover.