Association Française des Techniciens des Peintures, Vernis, Encres d’imprimerie, colles et Adhésifs

5 rue Etex
75018 Paris

President: Bernard Chapuis    
Vice-President: Alain Lemor

The AFTPVA gathers almost all the engineers and the technicians interested in practical or basic problems raised by the paint, varnish, printing ink, glue and adhesive industries.
Its 5 sections (Ile de France, Méditerranée, Nord, Rhône-Alpes et Sud-Ouest) and its Adhesive Group organise all along the year information meetings sometimes with a national audience.

The AFTPVA – within the framework of the UATCM (Union of Associations of Technicians of Mediterranean Culture) grouping together the 3 founder countries (France: AFTPVA, Italy: AITIVA, Spain: AETEPA) and three associate countries (Algeria: ACPVE, Portugal: APTETI and Romania: ARTILAC) – organises an International Congress EUROCOAT accompanied with a specialised Exhibition where new materials, new production or laboratory equipments and so on, are presented in the field of paints, varnishes, printing inks, glues and adhesives. The Congress lasts 3 days in France every two years.
In association with the FIPEC (Federation of Industries of Paints, Inks, Colours, Glues and Adhesives), the AFTPVA created in 1973 the AFPEV, Association for the Professional training in the Industries of Paints. All along the year, training sessions are organised at the seat of the Association, 5 rue Etex in Paris (18e) as well as sessions in the firms themselves.

Key Focus:

Regular Technical meetings in each section
Association Journal: Infochimie

Continuing education programs with AFPEV
Forum de la Connaissance

EUROCOAT within the context of UATCM